Everlasting youth? The elixir to make us get rid of wrinkles for good has not yet been discovered, but there are rituals of care that keep your complexion beautiful and young. Have you tried them?


aily, your complexion is subject to dust, pollution, temperature fluctuations, wind, factors that dry skin and clog pores. From time to time, you need a professional pore cleaning to allow skin to breathe, to stimulate its regeneration and to increase skin permeability, so that the active ingredients in the products you use get more easily into deep layers of skin. A facial treatment can be a well-deserved moment of relaxation, a reward, an exit from daily routine that we can afford from time to time. Today cosmetics technology has greatly evolved. There are treatments for any type of problems, with immediate and long-term results.

Microdermabrasion cosmetic treatment

Microdermabrasion is a minimally invasive procedure involving scraping of skin with aluminum oxide crystals (corundum) to remove the epidermis corneal stratum, mainly made of dead cells. Also, by this process, stimulation of production of new cells in the profound basal layer of epidermis is achieved simultaneously.


It is a superficial and effective peeling method that uses oxygen under pressure to accelerate the saline liquid agent at supersonic velocity, creating an exfoliating effect on skin. The saline liquid agent is composed of various vitamins and supplements specially formulated to solve patients’ problems. At the same time, the oxygen applied to the skin surface destroys anaerobic bacteria in the sebaceous glands, accelerates cell regeneration, which leads to a much healthier and younger skin.

Mesotherapy without needles


  • Non-invasive system: no scars, surgery, injection
  • No recovery break
  • Visible results after a single treatment
  • Treatment zones: face, body, hands, muscles and scalp also

Treatments + masks

Microdermabrasion + free ampoule treatments

140 lei

Facial Treatment with prod. „ILCSI”

165 lei

Facial partial Treatment with prod. „ILCSI”

135 lei

Anticuperotic treatment

165 lei

Treatment with „ironing wrinkles”

147 lei

Treatment with 24K gold+ „ironing wrinkles”

450 lei

Treatment with eye contour with 24K gold+ „ironing wrinkles”

250 lei

Moisturizing ampoule (collagen, hyaluron, caviar, coral, lotus)

50 lei

Electrodermal treatment

15 lei

Cosmetic Laser

3 lei/min


16 lei

Ultrasound facial

16 lei

Facial massage and lymph drainage

45 lei

Mask “Before Events”

32 lei

AHA mask + mask “Before events”

52 lei

Peel-Off „ILCSI”mask

33 lei


23 lei

Facial treatment Re Lift

180 lei

Facial Treatment BOTOX

210 lei

Facial Treatment for oily complexion

190 lei

Facial Treatment depigmentation (to prevent spots)

190 lei

Eyes and lips Treatment

62 lei


85 lei

Depigmentation mask

65 lei

Oily complexion Mask

65 lei

Re Lift mask (with hyaluronic acid and coenzyme Q10)

70 lei