Bronze uniform and fast in any season!


hether it’s summer or winter, a tanned skin has an interesting and appealing look. On the one hand, clothing will be much better highlighted, features and silhouette will look “thinned,” and small imperfections of skin will be masked without the need for cosmetic coatings. All these positive effects are obtained with two conditions: proper counseling and advanced equipment.
Many people resort to tanning in the solar to get a natural bronze without burns. But very few know the advantages of artificial tanning.
Advantages of the solar:

– has positive effects on body and spirit due to UV rays;
– under these UV rays (whether they come from solar or from the natural sun), vitamin D3 is naturally formed;
– exposure time and UV measures are controlled to reduce burns;
– tanning is done gradually, with caution and without exaggeration;
– provides an excellent overall state in which body and mind relax;
– the bronze obtained is more uniform and golden than uncontrolled tanning (in the natural sun);
– the solar removes the depressed state;
– it can be used during pregnancy.

We have been concerned about both aspects. Solar schedule depends on clients, on complexion type and pigmentation degree of each of them.

We also offer protective products to clients, to use before and after solar sessions, separately for body and face. The intimacy of clients is respected, the solars being placed separately, in cabins with client-operated closing devices.

Our Service fees

1 minute

1.2 lei

60 minutes subscription

50 lei