Tidy nails, in different colors and models.


hether you admire the French manicure or want something new, we shall take care of your hands. Soft and flexible or very rigid and brittle nails are no longer a problem. Whatever pretenses, your wishes can be fulfilled: think about how much you use your hands or how exposed they are. Your hands feel the transition from one season to another. It is known that hands betray age in most cases, they are a mirror of you. The same applies to the foot nails, only that they are less exposed than hands. However, the risk of sweating is much higher in the feet, as they are always covered, and it is more difficult for pores to breathe.
You do not have to worry about anything. Our salon is equipped with state-of-the-art medical devices in conditions of clinical-biological safety for your health by using sterile utensils and appliances, in accordance with regulatory standards.

Hand care with paraffin

Hands, like feet, will be disinfected, then dead cells will be removed by scrub. The hands are sunk three times consecutively in paraffin, with the fingers open, so that paraffin penetrates into the space between fingers. Gloves of eponj material will be used over nylon gloves for dunsyt effect. After 10-15 minutes we remove the already cooled paraffin from the hands. Paraffin removed from hands or feet will not be reused! Paraffin treatment is recommended after manicure/pedicure. During pedicuring feet, we apply the paraffin on hands or vice versa, while manicuring we apply the treatment with paraffin for feet.

Feet treatment with paraffin

Feet treatment with paraffin begins with a bath in medicinal herbs, and after, comes the disinfection. Scrub removes dead cells. Here we can choose from a wide range, depending on their effects: marine salts, grenadines, lemons, brier, etc.
The scrub is made by a gentle massage with a scrub glove, stimulating blood circulation and amplifying the beneficial effect of scrub, offering the pleasure of wellness. The skin thus cleansed is then treated with moisturizing and nutritive creams that are easily absorbed due to paraffin bath.
Paraffin is applied on feet above appliance so that paraffin will remain hygienic. If the layer is thick enough, we use a nylon bag and boots that will be left for 10/15 minutes.

Technical nails

Don’t you endure anymore to have your nails exfoliated and split just when you have all at the same size? Maybe it’s time to try the artificial alternative! False nails are the ideal option for those who gnaw their fingernails or who have trouble in growing them. Some women try false nails simply to get rid of “vice,” while others want to have beautiful nails, easy to care.

If they are applied and then appropriately removed, artificial nails do not affect the corneous structure of the nails, but don’t expect them to improve their current condition. But if you decide to put false nails, this custom can become as usual to you as dyeing your hair, and if one day you decide not to put them on anymore, they will look the same as before.

Manicure represents for most women a detail of their personality, which requires all attention. Unfortunately, we can not always have an irreproachable manicure, sometimes nails can suffer due to specific incidents, or we are unable to have the desired manicure due to their exfoliation. If the natural manicure does not work, then the artificial manicure can also be used.

Our Service fees

Applied nail technical gel

130 lei

Construction nail technical gel

150 lei

Technical nail care gel

100 lei

Removed technical nails

60 lei

Correction technical nail

20 lei

French permanent

20 lei

Semi-permanent nail polish

70 lei

Semi-permanent airbrush bar

100 lei

Semi-permanent pedicure

100 lei

Removed semi-permanent cast

25 lei

Classic manicure

35 lei

Classical pedicure

50 lei

Medical pedicure

60-80 lei

SPA manicure

60 lei

SPA pedicure

100 lei

Paraffin hands

35 lei

Paraffin feet

40 lei

Decorated artistically

10-30 lei

Swarovski Strings

2 lei/piece

Nail polish

10 lei

Applied OPI nail polish Infinite shine

20 lei