Professional products from major prestigious manufacturers are the best choice for a salon that wants to offer its clients the best. However, beyond these wonderful products, experienced stylists with great passion are an extra guarantee that you will achieve the desired results every time.


The art of hair styling dates back thousands of years and is illustrated in cave paintings. In some African cultures, it was believed that a person’s spirit resides in their hair, which is why hair stylists had a high status in the community. One thing remains unchanged: a person’s hair tells a lot about their style, social status, and can help them progress in society. In other words, hair is a business card of our personality. The hair styling services at Salon Aphrodite are complete and diverse. Aphrodite’s specialists will always recommend the best for your hair.

About hair extensions

The process of applying hair extensions has completely revolutionized the professional hairstyling industry. This simple method of adding length or volume has spread worldwide. Would you have ever imagined having beautiful long hair in less than two hours? Hair extensions offer more than just length: fashion changes every year, but the need for beautiful hair does not.


Your hair’s style is crucial: it represents your image. Whenever you want to change and improve your style, you need to think it through. If you have thin or short hair, there’s nothing better than using hair extension techniques to solve this problem quickly and effectively! Beautiful and healthy hair also changes your facial appearance. Hair extensions are the most professional solution for achieving a modern style akin to big international stars.


Color effects, shimmers, and dual-tone colors are just a few of the thousands of combinations you can create with a wide range of hair extensions. Available tones include natural, warm, classic colors as well as cool, unusual, and unique colors. Open your mind! Customize yourself with one of the most sophisticated appearances! All this is possible without damaging your hair with chemicals. Try the fantasy of hair extensions now!

Patented System

Revolutionary lengthening without glue

Click Ixten is the revolutionary system that consists of the easy and quick application and removal of extensions… without heat… without glue! Extensions are thus applied without risks and in half the time; moreover, they can be reused! All thanks to special tools and applicators!

It’s simple, just a few seconds are enough:

  1. Take the applicator and with the special hook, insert a section of hair;
  2. Insert the extension into the applicator and secure it by pressing with the pliers. The applicator hides and becomes invisible (available in various colors)… and undetectable. Done!
  3. To remove the extension: reopen the applicator by pressing with the same pliers. Finished!

Exceptional advantages:

  • Natural hair for the best natural result
  • Cold application! (does not damage hair strands)
  • Application without glue! (no impurities and residues on fingers and hair)
  • Extensions can be reused! (significant savings)
  • Application is simple and without risks (both application and removal)
  • Half the time! (a full extension in less than two hours)
  • Durability! (solid fixation compared to traditional systems)


– A diverse assortment of colors

– Standard series and Top Quality

– Lengths 30, 45, 60, and 70 cm

Extensions can be reused, PLUS, they are ideal for:

  • Evening ceremonies, meetings
  • Weekend, travel, vacation
  • A temporary change of look (e.g., photo session, fashion show, etc.)

Easy to apply

It is the best way to quickly have a new appearance. Creating a new hairstyle and an attractive color effect is so “easy” even for just one day.

Hair Salon – Barber Shop

Women’s haircut

75 RON

Men’s haircut

65 RON

Bangs haircut

30 RON

Bangs maintenance

28 RON

Londa Professional color

50 RON

Inoa L’oreal

80 RON

Lightplex bleaching powder

25 RON


70 RON

Bleaching powder/highlights

20 RON

Davines treatment

25 RON


Short hair

Medium hair

Long hair

Extra long hair

Styling + washing + treatment

 87 RON

 100 RON

 115 RON

130 RON

Haircut + wash + treatment + styling

 130 RON

 145 RON

 160 RON

180 RON

Full hair coloring

 75 RON

 90 RON

 105 RON

130 RON

Highlights / labor

 115 RON

 275 RON

 305 RON

490 RON

Bleaching / foil decapage

 250 RON

 340 RON

 490 RON

560 RON

Labor / perm

 120 RON

 137 RON

 178 RON

210 RON

Special occasion styling (curls, updos, etc.)


 160 RON


420 RON

Hair extensions (Price information in salon)