Eyelashes extensions


he features of a woman are expressed by drawing the eyelashes and eyebrows, the lips and the shape of the body. Therefore, it is not a coincidence that eyelashes have always been a more pronounced part of the feminine beauty. Due to the emergence of new lash technologies, it is now a must to have beautiful, luxurious and curved eyelashes, Said Raluca Popescu, eyelash stylist and Xtreme Lashes, trainer.


– The most significant advantage of the individual lash extensions is that we can stick to the way of life that we are used to: we can do sports, swim, eyes will always remain distinct with long, curly and long lashes.
– Good lash extensions are not glued to each other, stacked, do not affect the natural lashes, the adhesive they stick to is invisible, does not irritate the eyelids, so it is allowed even for those with sensitive eyes, and their shape is personalized.
– Applied individually it has a natural effect, but if desired, we can decorate it with colorful lashes or Swarovski crystals. Quality lash extensions have a 4 in 1 effect: extension, volume (the prepared stylist applies 160-220 lashes to the eye), remodeling and lifting.
– Optically distant eyes can be approached, curved eyes can be raised.
– They need special care, so avoid the use of oil-based cleansers on the lashes and around the lashes. If you use a night cream, apply it 15 minutes before bedtime. For eye and eye cleansing, do not use puff products (cotton scarves, for example); do not aggressively rub the eyelids and, implicitly, the lashes.

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