Your skin needs a lot of attention, care, and treatment. The secret of beauty is the use of natural and qualitative products to give you a bright and velvety look, a soft baby like skin.


e are here to help you get rid of the dry and dehydrated skin and enjoy every day a carefree life. Intimate areas are also not to be neglected by both men and women. Waxing is a process that for many people requires patience, and attention. Do not worry, we are experts in the art of waxing and we will make it more enjoyable, without pain, without any discomfort while you relax.

Our Service fees

Plucking eyebrow

25-40 lei

Men plucking

25-40 lei

Dyeing eyebrows

18 lei

Dyeing eyelashes

18 lei

Applying eyelashes

3 lei/piece

Make up for day

95 lei

Special make up

120-150 lei

Epilation/decoloring mustache

16 lei

Epilation/decoloring face

19 lei

Ladies long Epilation

54 lei

Mens long Epilation

65 lei

Short Epilation

29 lei

Epilation thighs

45 lei

Epilation axillary

19 lei

Epilation arms short

19 lei

Epilation arms long

28 lei

Epilation semiinguinal

22 lei

Epilation inguinal total/model + butt

35-45 lei

Mens Epilation inguinal

40-50 lei

Butt Epilation

19 lei

Mens butt Epilation

25 lei

Belly Epilation

26 lei

Bust Epilation

28 lei

Total back Epilation

43 lei

Back Epilation in lumbar zone

21 lei

Inter butt Epilation

19 lei